T&C Surf/Surfer Magazine Grom Contest 2011

Download an entry form here. Also available at all T&C Surf locations, or or at TCSurf.com/grom11 and on Facebook


HONOLULU (April 22, 2011) - T&C Surf invites the public to the 14th Annual T&C Surf / Surfer Magazine Grom Contest presented by Wahoo's Fish Tacos. Join the T&C ohana May 21-22 at Queen's surf break in Waikiki for a weekend full of surf, fun and sun.

The event gives surfers age 14 and younger the opportunity to compete at one of the South Shore's premier surf breaks. Groms take to the waves at Queen's in the shadow of the legendary Duke Kahanamoku statue at Kuhio Beach. T&C Surf produces the event each year to introduce young surfers to the world of competitive surfing in a less-intense setting. Only surfers age 14 and younger who are not ranked in the top 15 NSSA or HASA standings are eligible.

"The Grom event is an annual highlight for me," says Craig Sugihara, president and founder of T&C Surf.   "After 40 years in the surf industry, I never tire of seeing the pure stoke on a kid's face when they catch a wave. I've shared this love with my sons and my grandchildren and consider it an honor to bring this contest to many more keiki who love the waves as much as we do."

To meet an increased demand for its contest format, T&C Surf added a push-in Kokua Division this year for keiki ages 3 -6 years old. Adults are allowed in the line-up during these heats to help little ones catch waves. It gives the youngest of surfers the opportunity to take part in a contest with the comfort and extra support from a grown-up. The addition of the Kokua Division follows an increase in divisions for girls over the past several years. T&C Surf now offers three age groups for girls in both shortboard and longboard divisions.

The expanded offerings bring parents, uncles, aunties and kids from across the island chain to Waikiki Beach for a full weekend at the ocean. The fun kicks off Saturday with preliminary heats in three divisions for boys and girls: shortboard, longboard and bodyboard (schedule is subject to change). Passing the time between heats, kids enjoy beach games and score prizes from their favorite surf brands. Before the sun sets, the top young surfers will advance to the finals on Sunday.

Kids also get stoked about being in the spotlight of Surfer Magazine, title sponsor of the event. "None of Surfer Magazine's partnerships brings us more pride than the T&C Surf/Surfer Magazine Grom Contest," says Jeremy Schluntz, associate publisher of Surfer Magazine.  "We're honored to be part of a contest that is all about fun, family and the love of surfing. The T&C crew puts on a truly unique event for the kids and it's one that we look forward to every year."

Adults can also get in on the fun by signing up for the "FreeSurf Magazine Quality Time Expression Session" on Sunday afternoon. Grown-ups join keiki in a special adult/child tandem surf event that gives them the opportunity to share the waves family style.

"We are super proud to be invited back to participate in the T&C Surf Grom Contest for the fifth year," says Mike Latronic, publisher of FreeSurf Magazine. "Our Expression Session will once again highlight the special bond that ocean-loving families share. These ohana exemplify that the most precious times in life are those spent together."

The Expression Session is open to all adults and children (under age 5). On-site entry is free (limited to 10 entries) and prizes and trophies are awarded to the top three teams.

The event wraps up with the final heats on Sunday, where the top six in each division receive trophies and prize packs filled with surf products from event sponsors, including $100 gift certificates from T&C Surf as well as the opportunity to win one of two custom T&C Surf boards.

The Board Stories film crew will be on-site to capture all the action in the water for a segment on Board Stories TV this summer.

Entry forms are available at all T&C Surf locations, or download online here or at TCSurf.com/grom11 and on Facebook .A portion of the proceeds from contest T-shirt sales will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii. The public can call 808-483-8710 for more information.


th Annual T&C Surf/Surfer Magazine Grom Contest

May 21-22, 2011

Queen's surf break - Kuhio Beach, Waikiki

Available at all T&C Surf locations, or
download online here or at TCSurf.com/grom11 or on Facebook

Deadline for $25 entry
Must be received by Friday, May 13, 2011

  • Lunch courtesy of Wahoo's Fish Tacos
  • Snacks from Enza Apple Co.
  • Hydration compliments of Naked Juice
  • FREE event T-shirt from T&C Surf
  • Goodie bag from product sponsors


Boys shortboard
(6-8 years old) (9-11 years old) (12-14 years old)

Girls shortboard
(6-8 years old) (9-11 years old) (12-14 years old)

Boys longboard
(6-9 years old) (10-14 years old)

Girls longboard
(6-9 years old) (10-14 years old)

Boys & girls bodyboard
6-9 years old) (10-14 years old)

Boys & Girls Kokua Division
(3-6 years old) parent assisted, short or longboard