Team History

Since its inception, T&C has played an important role in the innovation and progression of surfing.  Larry Bertelmann, an early pioneer, pushed the limits of board design with creative and futuristic endeavors.  This style of surfing was embraced by surfers around the world, and paved the way for surfboard design advancements crucial to today's level of surfing.

An opportunity to surf a Mark Richards twin-fin in the early seventies convinced Craig that board technology would define the future of surfing.  Stoked with the performance, Craig worked with shaper Glenn Minami to build a version of the twin-fin that performed in Hawaii and around the world.  The refined shaping concept served as the stage for Dane Kealoha's exceptional professional surfing career - highlighted by a #2 world ranking.  Many believed the World Title only eluded Dane due to political infighting that plagued professional surfing's organisational regime at the time.  Regardless of his ultimate world ranking, it is unquestionable that Dane Kealoha set the standard for power surfing!  Dane was always a standout at Backdoor and big days at Ala Moana Bowls.  Dane Kealoha  is synonymous with Hawaiian surfing and helped to define the term - Power Surfing.

Around the same time, Glenn Pangs version of the twin-fin helped usher in a new era of performance surfing.  Martin Potter's progressive aerial surfing and fresh approach to surfing on the twin-fin helped pave the way for the new blood at Town & Country that did much of their surfing above, over, or off the wave.  The turns and approach to surfing the wave were fundamentally changing and so too was design.  Team rider Marvin Foster returned from a trip to Australia with what was to become the new standard for performance surfing - the THRUSTER.  On versions recreated by Town & Country shapers young team riders Matt Archibold and Christian Fletcher helped take surfing to new heights.   The progressive crew was dubbed the Air Brigade.  The excitement created by his new radical surfing attracted many shapers and team riders to Town & Country.

About this time a new crew of young powerful Hawaiian surfers were starting to make their mark on the international competitive surf scene.  Sunny Garcia joined the Town & Country team at age 13 and under the coaching of Ben Aipa honed the fundamentals that ultimately lead him to the World Title.  Johnny Boy Gomes built on the aggressive and powerful image flowing from Town & Country.  Both Sunny and Johnny Boy were standout surfers in heavy Hawaiian surf continuing the legacy started by Dane.

As the reach and following of the brand grew, Town & Country continued to expand the size and reach of the team.  To connect with consumers in California and Florida Town & Country signed Chris Ward, Bobby Martinez and Shea Lopez.  During this same time Kahea Hart and Ross Williams carried the torch in Hawaii.  All the while Town & Country continued to groom young talent throughout the islands.

The present generation of Town & Country Surfers all grew up emulating the 'new school' of surfing.  The new team is in tune with the direction of surfing for the new millennium!  Michael Lowe, Jason Shibata, Dustin Cuizon and Conan Hayes are all very different surfers and characters.  However, each contributes something unique and important to the team.

Through the years Town & Country has travelled the world extending its reach from the shores of the Pacific to touch Japan, Europe, South America, North America, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.  While all facets of the company look very different than they did in 1971, the motivation remains unchanged.  T&C Surf Designs is driven by as pure stoke for surfing and the Aloha to share the experience and lifestyle.