Glenn Pang

TEACHER/MENTORS When I first started shaping for T&C in the 80's, I spent some hours in Glenn Minami's shaping room learning the basics. I was fortunate to have Craig Sugihara help me out by giving me some pointers and his advice on shaping.
SHAPING INFLUENCES Dick Brewer and Ben Aipa were big influences in my early shaping years. Both of whom were on the top when I first started surfing and shaping.
CURRENT & PAST RIDERS Mikala and Daniel Jones, Roy Powers, Dustin Cuizon, Kalani David, Alessa Quizon, Randall Kim, Marvin and Kalani Foster, Denton Miyamura, Max Miderios, Glenn Matsumoto, Jason Shibata, Freddy P, Archy, Pottz, Richard Marsh, Jake Patterson, Andy Irons, Ian walsh, Tom Whitaker, Jarrad Howse, Adam Melling, Dayyan Neve, Kierren Perrow, Mick Lowe,Taj Burrow, Kai Otton, Dan Ross, Luke Munro, Luke SteadmanSHAPING PHILOSOPHY Everyone surfs differently. What works for one person might not work for someone else. Finding the right type of board and fine-tuning it to suit each individual surfing style.
FAVORITE BREAK Moke's, Haleiwa, Laniakea.
MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION It's a never-ending quest. No matter how good a board works, there is always something better.