T&C Surfboard: Sinr

Pang: Sinr

A modern spin off of the Saint, the SINR is the newest addition to our twin fin line up. It's great for any surfer looking to ride a fun & lively twin fin in waist to head high surf. The SINR has a deep single to double concave that lets the board carry a lot of its own speed in smaller surf. A deep single channel exiting out the tail also adds a lot more drive and makes it less likely to slide out than a traditional twin fin.  Should be ordered 3” to 4” shorter and 1/2” to 3/4” wider than your standard shortboard. The SINR is also available with Venturi channel. This creates more lift and speed if that is what you need.


Length Nose Width Tail Thickness Volume
5’5” n/a 19”1/2 n/a 2”3/8 28.64
5’7” n/a 19”3/4 n/a 2”1/2 31.29
5'9” n/a 20" n/a 2”5/8 34.25
5'11” n/a 20”1/4 n/a 2”3/4 37.18



Skill Level:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Surf Type:

  • Beach
  • Reef
  • Point

Wave Height:

  • Knee
  • Chest
  • Head

Tail Options:

  • Winged Swallow

Fin System:

  • Futures
  • FCS


  • 2 Fin + One
  • 2 Fin Twin
  • 3 Fin Thruster