Billy Kemper

Billy Kemper

Birthdate: 04/14/1990

Local Spot: Hookipa

Height & Weight: 5'9 / 165 lbs

Fav Waves: Jaws / Cloudbreak / Pipe

Fav Maneuvers: Barrels

Fav Board Models: DW 4 fin / W4x Pang

Career Result: Big Wave Tour Champion 2017/2018,  4 X Peahi challenge champion, Red Bull Big Wave Ride of the Year 2020, Sunset Open Champion 2018, XXL Ride of the Year 2010, Steep + Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge 2012, XXL Wipeout of the Year 2013, XXL Ride of the Year 2014

Words to live by: Live as if you'll die tomorrow, dream as if you'll love forever...

Hero: My brother Eric.

Sponsors: RVCA, T&C, Progenex, Ethika, Dakine, Futures, Nixon.

Food: Sushi / Hawaiian

Music: Country / Rap